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Introducing the handmade Dark Bronze Hammer Beaten Marbella Coffee Table. This table is a true work of art, featuring a dark bronze finish and a texture created through artisan hammer beating.

The deep, rich tones of the dark bronze add a sense of sophistication and warmth to any space. Its timeless design ensures its longevity, making it a cherished item for years to come.

The Marbella coffee table works beautifully in both timeless classic interiors and modern eclectic spaces and its round drum shape adds a softness to the normally quite linear sofa lines. 

900mm Diameter X 400mm High 

Aluminum with a dark bronze finish

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Flowers Inc ensure the freshest possible flowers are delivered. After receiving your flowers, follow these simple flower care tips for longer-lasting, more vibrant flowers that will last and last.

  • For cut flowers in a bouquet it is suggested to cut 1-2cm from the end of the stem and place stems in an upright container (preferably glass) with fresh room temperature water and flower food. Be sure to cut the stem at an angle to allow the flowers the best chance to take up water.

  • Ensure no leaves or greenery is sitting below the water line in the container or vase as they can cause bacteria to form in the water which will shorten the life of the flowers.

  • For flowers arranged in floral foam, you should should maintain the saturation level high of the floral foam brick to ensure longevity. The floral foam has a fresh flower food added to it to assist in nurturing the flowers.

  • Every few days, remove the flowers from the container or vase and re-cut the stems. Remove 1-2cm from the bottom of the stem (again on a slight angle) and be sure to clean the vessel before refilling it with room temperature water and adding flower food.

  • As some flowers will last longer than others, carefully remove spent blooms, especially if other flowers in your display are still alive.